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Advantages of Using the Roto Auger

  • Digs holes up to 16” deep and 1 ¼” wide

  • Insecticide applications and termite treatments

  • Electrical or sprinkler installations under sidewalks

  • Deep water, aerate and fertilize trees and shrubs

  • Weeding

  • It digs for you!   Just insert into any 3/8” or larger electric or cordless drill.

  • Guaranteed Forever

Operating Instructions

  1. Insert Roto Auger into drill with pointed tip away from drill.  Tighten drill chuck securely.

  2.  Hold the drill firmly with both hands.  Place the drill tip of the Roto Auger straight down into ground where you wish to dig.  Start drill slowly.  Do not push too hard.  Medium speed is adequate to operate the Roto Auger.  Allow Roto Auger to drill its own hole.  Dig down 2” – 3” then slowly pull out, allowing dirt to spin off.  Repeat until desired depth is reached. Works best in damp soil. Caution:  If you hit a rock, root or other object, you will have to relocate the hole.  Roto Auger is not designed to dig through hard materials.

PLANTING  Consult your local nursery for proper depth and spacing of bulbs and plants.   Drill hole to desired depth.  Insert the bulb or seedling. Cover with soil.

TREE AERATION  To aerate or fertilize trees and large shrubs, drill holes two feet apart around the outside drip line.  Insert fertilizer into holes.  For improved long term drainage, fill in holes with gravel or pebbles.

TERMITE BARRIERS  For insecticide applications, drill hole to depth specified by insecticide manufacturer.  Follow all manufacturer’s directions and cautions specified on the label.

WEEDING  For weeding, center the Roto Auger point directly over the center of the weed and drill down until the root is removed.

ELECTRICAL WIRING  To install electrical wiring under sidewalks, dig down with a shovel on each side of walkway.  Be sure to dig at least 3” deeper than the thickness of the sidewalk.  Begin drilling hole at a slight slant from below the edge of the sidewalk.  Dig 2” – 3” at a time and remove dirt until hole is about half way under the sidewalk.  Insert broom or rake handle into the hole.   From the other side, line up Roto Digger with the handle and repeat the drilling process.  The handle should move when the holes meet.  Feed the wire through the hole. 




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